COLOUR CONSULTING through RAH Colour Test ©

Many people choose "all white" in their homes because they are just  minimalism lovers or because they are frightened of making a mistake in choosing  colors.

Yet the world is all colourful: nature, illuminated signs, objects...

Why does a certain color make us feel good, make us happy and another makes us feel agitated?

What's behind choosing a specific color?

The RAH Color Test© is a patented method to identify the positive (or even negative) colors of each individual, developed by Raluca Andreea Hartea, founder of RAHcolours.

Based on the latest discoveries in neuroscience, which relate the emotional reactions that are triggered during our daily experiences with the release of hormones of pleasure or danger, according to patterns of gratification or self-protection that have been perfected over the course of evolution, the Test precisely identifies those colors that in our unconscious memory are linked to significant people or moments in our lives.

Once your personal color map has been identified, it can be transferred to the interior design of your spaces, creating harmonious schemes according to your inner chords.

No one person feels the same as another. We are all unique individuals. 

And everyone's Color Map is unique.