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     The reuse of wooden boxes for fine wine bottles is very popular in the interior decoration of recent years.

ORNAMENTS plays it in her own way, combining a 'poor' object with an ancient technique of plaster and natural glue; with a 'Morandi' color scheme; with the insertion of an incongruous element, which has the ability to radically change the common sense of the original object; and with a base construction iron rod (again a common material) bent so that, rotating it by 180 °, changes the height and position of the box.

Delicate etagere or art objects.



CRATES + SousDessous

CRATES + sousDessous. 7 woodden boxes, 6 bases. cm29x34x17 each, total height cm 53,5/42


2 woodden boxes, 2 bases

cm 29x34x17 each , total height cm 53,5/42

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The reflexion on  themes of travel, migration, social instability, the uprooting and the subsequent search for emotional balance, for a sentimental anchor, are not new in the history of human cultures, who have variously developed the tradition of miniaturized and transportable devotional works, and are faced with these two travel size Christmas theaters .


The containers are recycled wooden boxes, those for wine bottles, externally tar blackened, as to protect the wood from mold and parasites.

Internally, they are decorated with stucco and adorned with precious fabrics, so becoming the stage for an Adoration of the Magi scene as in Italian Renaissance paintings, yet stripped to its essentials. 

 The project does not stop at just the recovery of materials, sensitive topic today, but recovers techniques and cultural references of our most precious tradition, able to donate vibrant emotion and wonder.

 The size of the boxes is less than 30cmc and one of the two is equipped with a leather belt with handle for closing and transportation.

The statues are only seven: the Holy Family and the three wise men. Colored glazed maiolica, or  white with small touches of gold, high between 10 and 13 cm., they are characterized by a very low relief minute decoration suggesting the motives of antique textiles. They are one by one made.

2 Wooden boxes for bottled wines, with lid

cm. 30x 25x17 each

External: catramine;

Internal: plaster and glue surfaces, lacquers, pads; Fabrics (Rubelli)

Containing a small Christmas scene handmade in ceramic

made by order, email for info and price



Side tables, 2014

cm 34x29x17;

adjustable hight cm 42-53

wood, glazed maiolica plaques, steel

Unique pieces


By the family of CRATES, here are two elements that bring

the Mediterranean colors.The colors of the sea and  of the cultures that surround it, in the ceramic plates that form as tortoise shells.

The Sosdessous  supports them at two different heights. Colorful sculptures or small tables with adjustable height, the two MEDITERRANEO remain happily borderline in the field of art and that of design