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 A new stream of works




alessandra francesca borzacchini


DADI (Nuts)


26  collectible vases, octagonal shape, cm.10x10+3

Unique Multiples

white chamotte clay, engobes, glaze, copper wire email for info on availability and price


                                       Drawer handles

         painted and glazed earthenware

about cm 5x5x1,5    

2 screws

email for private info on availability and prices


Side tables, 2014

cm 34x29x17;

adjustable hight cm 42-53

wood, glazed maiolica plaques, steel

Unique pieces


By the family of CRATES, here are two elements that bring

the Mediterranean colors.The colors of the sea and  of the cultures that surround it, in the ceramic plates that form as tortoise shells.

The Sosdessous  supports them at two different heights. Colorful sculptures or small tables with adjustable height, the two MEDITERRANEO remain happily borderline in the field of art and that of design