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      MOKA Collection

 With elegant touch Alessandra Borzacchini for Ornaments take the early ‘900 industrial design of the famous coffee pot Moka Bialetti as an iconic pillar of the Italian lifestyle to compose a loving small collection.

The Moka collection was born in 2011 as a commemorative project for the unification of Italy through an icon of the Italian character, the Moka Bialetti.

Released in Turin the same year, at Operae design fair, it is composed of two trays and lounge tables in which real coffee pots are used as support columns for their tops.

COFFEETABLE is a wheeled double-deck centre table: round, square or rectangular (on demand) carries 2 to 4 giant Bialetti coffepots.

MOKA TRAY is build assembling a pastry baking sheet with 4 Bialetti coffee pots of the smallest size.

For both tray and table no glue is used, being preferred a mechanical fixing, and the coffeepots have been manipulated.


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