"There must not be an art detached from life: beautiful things to look at and bad things to use.“ (B.Munari)

unique pieces and small serie

ORNAMENTS designs and indipendently produces  home furnishings (tables, consoles, lamps) as unique pieces or small series, where craftsmanship, re-using  and aesthetic research are focus points.

ORNAMENTS works giving conceptual contents an evocative form, on the borderline between art and design.

The favorite materials, sometime recycled - wood, metal, fabric, glass, leather, ceramics - are also combined with industrial elements or objects taken from everyday life, and sometimes enriched with ancient decorative techniques, after the ready made logic of transformation



Mainly one-off



Between functionality and art.

Lamp-sculpture; indirect light reflected. Modular

This  project's goal is to build an almost unique piece through a number of predefined elements and the individual's involvement.

The buyer  becomes co-author.


The modular discs,  the PLANETS, in eight enameled colors and two metal finishes,  aluminum and old copper , they can be easily docked to the stem in black painted steel.

Four diameters choice (cm.18-30-40-60-)  and three sizes stems:  60 cm high (table) and cm.130 and 160 (from the ground).

Standard electrical components; light bulbs E14 and E27.

All the materials are completely recyclable.

 The project is indipendently producted by the designer with the help of some small artisan companies of the territory as an ethical choice of respect and appreciation of the environmental and social energies.

        PLANETS is characterized by the use of a low-tech and a great formal and constructive simplicity,  

        referring to the Bauhaus design. Designed to be durable and therefore sustainable, its simplicity is an 

        aesthetic canon




               Moodboard and keywords

               for PIANETI

eclypse, light, shadow, darknes, brightnes, metal, disc, shield,  cosmic, neolitic, night, stars, planets, colors, Kandinskj, bauhaus, cinetic, art, design


Light as liquid matter which like rain gutter by copper cylinders. 

Series of handcrafted  lamps  made by using copper downspouts.

 Each  cilinder cm.30x8, 1 LED bulb E14



Partition, hideaway or decorative element for a wall , RAIN combines fabric and shining metal rings chains.

The ready-made phylosophy is the base :

chains like these are hanging on the gutters in the gardens, so that the rain come easily to the ground without splashing. In Zen gardens , the winding stream of rain that slips ring to ring, leads to contemplation .

To transfer this poetry from outside to inside, with all of his tinkling music, in a real gem for decoration, is the goal of this project .

By order, tailor made






Unique piece
refractory clay, colors, glaze, copper wire, wood
modulo/vase cm 10x13x10
cm 110x86x25


On the line between art end design, an item of furniture or sculpture that play with the balance

and harmony between colors and decorations, modules and assemblies,
materials and textures. It develops the idea of transformation of the furniture in response to the desire of interacting with our environment, in a provocatively anti-technological key.




Side tables, 2014

cm 34x29x17;

adjustable hight cm 42-53

wood, glazed maiolica plaques, steel

Unique pieces


By the family of CRATES, here are two elements that bring

the Mediterranean colors.The colors of the sea and  of the cultures that surround it, in the ceramic plates that form as tortoise shells.

The Sousdessous  supports them at two different heights. Colorful sculptures or small tables with adjustable height, the two MEDITERRANEO remain happily borderline in the field of art and that of design




The reflexion on  themes of travel, migration, social instability, the uprooting and the subsequent search for emotional balance, for a sentimental anchor, are not new in the history of human cultures, who have variously developed the tradition of miniaturized and transportable devotional works, and are faced with these two Christmas theaters  travel size.


The containers are recycled wooden boxes, those for wine bottles, externally tar blackened, as to protect the wood from mold and parasites.

Internally, they are decorated with stucco and adorned with precious fabrics, so becoming the stage for an Adoration of the Magi scene as in Italian Renaissance paintings, yet stripped to its essentials. 

 The project does not stop at just the recovery of materials, sensitive topic today, but recovers techniques and cultural references of our most precious tradition, able to donate vibrant emotion and wonder.

 The size of the boxes is less than 30cmc and one of the two is equipped with a leather belt with handle for closing and transportation.

The statues are only seven: the Holy Family and the three wise men. Colored glazed maiolica, or  white with small touches of gold, high between 10 and 13 cm., they are characterized by a very low relief minute decoration suggesting the motives of antique textiles. They are individually made.

Drawer handles

painted and glazed earthenware

about cm 5x5x1,5    

2 screws




2x2 bookshelf


Modular, Customizable.

Module wide 50cm, depth 20cm or 25cm

Natural or glazed, 20x20mm square pipe steel, and brass details

Adjustable shelves and drawers in MDF and

colored laminate

Brass screws