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Decorative modular lights

As you like it      

Logo PIANETI/PLANETS lamps system

Between functionality and art.

Lamp-sculpture; indirect light reflected. Modular

This  project's goal is to build an almost unique piece through a number of predefined elements and the individual's involvement.

You can  be the co-author.


The modular discs,  the PLANETS, in eight enameled colors and two metal finishes,  aluminum and old copper , they can be easily docked to the stem in black painted steel.

Four diameters choice (cm.18-30-40-60-)  and three sizes stems:  60 cm high (table) and cm.130 and 160 (from the ground).

Standard electrical components; light bulbs E14 and E27.

All the materials are completely recyclable.


 The project is indipendently producted by the designer with the help

of some  small artisan companies of the territory as an ethical choice of respect and appreciation of the environmental and social energies.    


 PIANETI (Planets) is characterized by the use of a low-tech and a great formal and constructive simplicity,  referring to the Bauhaus design. Designed to be durable and therefore sustainable, its simplicity is an aesthetic canone

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Moodboard and keywords for PIANETI

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PLUVIA in latin, as in Spanish,  means  'rain' : and in fact this serie of handcrafted  lamps  is made by using copper downspouts.

 Each  cilinder cm.30x8, 1 LED bulb E14

Piatto Light

5 old and spare porcelain dessert dishes (Ø cm.22) by Richard Ginori transformed in wall sconces or chandeliars. The writing in gold leaf is executed by hand.

The italian word "piatto" means "dish": this work, based on upcycling as well,  jokes with  words  and memories.

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