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Alessandra Francesca Borzacchini a Roma, RM, IT su Houzz

bespoke decoration

Our homes are like boxes, or even coffers full of treasures, where we look after ourselves, our dears and our goods. Whether we are fully satisfied with the quality of our box, or we are not for the most diverse reasons, or even want to make it more attractive to sell or rent, you can effectively make the difference with the help of a careful interior decoration project.


Ornaments conceives decoration as not a simple excercise of embellishment but as a mean to provide a room with character and comfort and to improve the quality of life.

Recover and take to a new life old furniture is also a challenge Ornaments can face up succesfully.


With the goal of customization, of the uniqueness and tailoring, Ornaments foregoes decorating interventions with a careful planning, with the goal of the custumer's satisfaction.