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      MOKA Collection

     The Moka collection was born in 2011 as a commemorative project of the unity of Italy through an emblem of Italianism, the Moka Bialetti.

The renowned coffee pot as the pillar of the art of receiving Italian style.

Released inTurin the same year, at Operae, it consists of two trays and side tables -round, square and rectangular- in which the real coffee pots play as pillar supporting the top.

CRATES + SousDessous

     The reuse of wooden boxes for fine wine bottles is very popular in the interior decoration of recent years.

ORNAMENTS plays it in her own way, combining a 'poor' object with an ancient technique of plaster and natural glue; with a 'Morandi' color scheme; with the insertion of an incongruous element, which has the ability to radically change the common sense of the original object; and with a base construction iron rod (again a common material) bent so that, rotating it by 180 °, changes the height and position of the box.

Delicate etagere or art objects.


CRATES + sousDessous. 7 woodden boxes, 6 bases. cm29x34x17 each, total height cm 53,5/42
 2 woodden boxes, 2 bases

cm 29x34x17 each woodden box, total height cm 53,5/42


  2 Wooden boxes for bottled wines, with lid

cm. 30x 25x17 each

External: catramine;

Internal: plaster and glue surfaces, lacquers, pads; Fabrics (Rubelli)

Containing  a small Christmas scene  handmade in ceramic

MILLEPIEDI               (CENTIPEDE) table

Four reclaimed wood table tops, two of them uphosltered with natural calf leather for a chessboard pattern, stand on 28 copper pipe legs ending with plumbing fittings.

Tavolo MILLEPIEDI reclaimed, reuse, new design