Philosophy & Bio

 ORNAMENTS is a small Italian brand focusing on interior decoration and accessories with a strong connotation of art. It was founded in 2004 by Alessandra F. Borzacchini, who combines ready-made elements with inconsequential materials and technics that create unconventional and uniquely designed pieces. 

  Words such as transformability, mobility, modularity, stackability, sustainability, durability, and craftsmanship are amongst the many ways to describe the ORNAMENTS' design process. 

 Embroidered tables, trays with legs made of coffeepots, wooden wine-crates, transformed into delicate etageres, these are only a few of ORNAMENTS' offerings; all from a different point of view on interior decoration (the Ornaments' logo is an eye!), which suggests fluid, not static living spaces. Its creations are elegant, minimal, colorful, functional, narrative, and amusing.

 In interior design ORNAMENTS' primary goal in responding to customer requests  is to create  environments where harmony  ties all the elements together, in the aim of delivering  a welcoming, comfortable, balanced, healing environment where to live in.

 I was born and raised in Italy, between the central Apennines and the Tyrrhenian Sea, I have a classical humanistic education, 

I studied art history, oriental cultures and the Japanese language (in which I graduated in Rome), I worked in fashion in Milan and I made long trips to Japan and Southeast Asia, I learned the ancient technique of gilding, stucco and affresco, and  I work ceramics, I design dynamic and ironic furniture. I get excited about a work of art, a vase, a fabric or an architecture. 

Bringing beauty and harmony to homes was what I wanted to do most in life and I found in the interior decoration my field of action, wide-ranging. In my interior projects I draw on my personal baggage: the warm and calm minimalism of natural materials, light and colors, the textures of fabrics, the carpets of nomads, decorated walls, the stratification of styles and eras, geometry and flowers, neoclassicism and chinoiserie, in an infinite exercise of balance, chasing lightness. 

The client who chooses ORNAMENTS shares my vision ointerior design and agrees to participate with me in a dialectical exchange.


Alessandra Francesca Borzacchini



After graduating from Japanese Language and Literature at La Sapienza University in Rome, traveling to the Far East, Europe and America, a precious experience in the field of fashion in Milan, and several years of study and practice in the applied arts, in 2004 she founded Ornaments as an interior decoration firm, beginning  in restyling old pieces of furniture as a custom service. Since 2007 Alessandra makes one-off pieces or small series as self-producer, mixing up design, art and handycraft. 



Roma 2019 - cabine d'artista | abbi cura

Roma 2018 - Tiny Biennale, Temple University

Bologna 2017 - SetUp Art Fair, Handover section for art-design


Milano 2013 - Mostra-evento Y.E.D. Young Ethic Design II ed., Fuorisalone Brera

Milano 2012 - Mostra-evento Y.E.D. Young Ethic Design I ed., Fuorisalone Brera

Venezia 2012 - Open Design Italia

Torino 2011 - Operae II edizione; 150 Mani, mostra itinerante per 150 anni dell'Unità d'Italia

Torino 2010 - Operae Mostra -mercato Design Autoprodotto I edizione