The objects I produce embrace applied arts and crafts with a contemporary sensibility, because it is nice to touch them and not only look at, so enriched by the hands' work, the surprise of metamorphosis, of thought, poetry and sense of timelessness.

Even in interior design my primary goal in responding to customer requests, is to create multi-sensorial environments, where beauty is what makes us feel good.

It's beautiful to live in an environment that is cozy, comfortable, able to lick our senses and relax our muscles, to achieve the maximumu of easiness.

And looking around, looking at objects whose sight can massage our synapses and make us smile.


 Alessandra Francesca Borzacchini


After graduating from Japanese Language and Literature at La Sapienza University in Rome, traveling to the Far East, Europe and America, a precious experience in the field of fashion in Milan, and several years of study and practice in the applied arts, in 2004 she founded Ornaments as an interior decoration firm, specialized in restyling old pieces of furniture as a custom service. Since 2007 Alessandra makes one-off pieces or small series as self-producer, mixing up design, art and handycraft. Following the ready-made principles, the result is a not conventional design.







Torino 2010 - Operae Mostra -mercato Design Autoprodotto I edizione

Torino 2011 - Operae II edizione

Torino 2011 - 150 Mani

Milano 2012 - Mostra-evento Y.E.D. Young Ethic Design I ed., Fuorisalone Brera

Venezia 2012 - Open Design Italia

Milano 2013 - Mostra-evento Y.E.D. Young Ethic Design II ed., Fuorisalone Brera


Bologna 2017 - SetUp Art Fair, Handover section for art-design